Middle School

Today’s Middle School student faces temptations that are too numerous to count. If the student only spends time in the secular world, he/she may succumb to those temptations. Here at Mid-Way, teachers, aided by the Holy Spirit, use the Word of God to arm Middle School students so that they are better equipped to fend off those temptations.
Students are also taught that their good works alone cannot save them, but that they are expected to do good works once they have been saved. Students are given the opportunity to perform works of service for the local community, while giving God the Glory!
Here at Mid-Way, we aren’t “all work and no play.” We like to have fun, too! Students will have many opportunities to attend supervised events at the church, and also chaperoned trips out of the area for overnight events. Rest assured, wherever we go, or whatever we do, Jesus is at the center of all our events!